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Working with patent portfolios of the highest calibre, we are committed to ensuring optimal outcomes for both technology creators and licensees.
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Our Story

In March 2023, Malikie Innovations agreed to purchase a wide-ranging portfolio of approximately 32,000 patents from Blackberry Limited. Malikie Innovations is focused on licensing these patents to both established players and new entrants in applicable markets.

Our Vision

At Malikie Innovations we believe that our rigour in producing the highest quality evidence of use, together with our professional and pragmatic approach to licensing, enables us to achieve optimal outcomes for both technology creators and licensees.


Malikie Innovations’ portfolio relates to a multitude of key technologies, for example, wireless, security, messaging and server technologies and comprises both Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and non-SEPs. These technologies have been adopted by many of the world’s leading technology companies and are the embedded backbone of products spanning industries including consumer electronics, automotive, enterprise cloud, medical devices, cybersecurity, AI/ML and many others.

Who are we

Our Patents

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Malikie Innovations has thousands of patents covering aspects of 3G, 4G, 5G, Mobile devices, Base Stations, Endpoint Devices and Wi-Fi.

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Enterprise Security

Malikie Innovations’ patents relate to multi award-winning developments and are unrivaled for their solutions enabling reliability and security across a vast range of applications from mobile devices to secure enterprise servers.

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Enterprise & Consumer Messaging/Social

Malikie Innovations’ portfolio comprises a significant  number of patents relating to social media, messaging apps and VOIP.

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